Mobile Alloy Wheel Resprays

Thinking about freshening up the look of your vehicle? Smart Rimz mobile alloy respray service is an effective way to modify the appearance of your alloys. There’s no need to come to us as we can visit you at home or work, so all you have to do is carry on your day as normal whilst our expert technicians work their magic.





Our alloy respray service is extremely popular with electric vehicle owners and car enthusiasts around Oxfordshire. The most popular option we get asked to complete is the change from silver to gloss black finish, providing your alloy wheels with a sleek refresh.

If you’ve decided you want to go ahead with a colour change but you’re unsure of which colour to pick, don’t worry. We have colour charts to make that decision process a whole lot easier.

Our process

To get the best results, we ensure damage to the wheel is removed and the face of the alloy, inside the wheel and the face of the wheel is prepared and cleaned. Our expert technicians will then apply multiple coats of primer, your chosen colour and finally a high gloss lacquer to those areas.


1How long do alloy wheel resprays take?
A set of 4 alloys including repair and respray will usually take one of our technicians 4-6 hours, depending on the size and style of wheel. Resprays take slightly longer than a standard alloy wheel repair due to the recolouring of not just the wheel, but the barrel of the wheel behind, creating a full colour transformation.
2How much does alloy wheel respray cost?
Prices start from as little as £60 +vat per wheel for a 16' alloy. For a cost effective way of achieving a custom look for your vehicle, alloy wheel resprays are the perfect solution.
3Is there a warranty?
Our customers are at the heart of our service so we want to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our work. For this reason, we offer a paint defect warranty and a lifetime ownership of vehicle on resprays. We do not offer warranty on paint chipping, stone chips, corrosion, damage, chemical cleaning agent damage, motorsport, performance or track use. Subject to terms and conditions.
4Can my alloy wheels be resprayed at home
yes! we are pleased to offer all of our services as a mobile repair, so you can continue with your day

Looking for an alloy wheel colour change?

Get in touch so we can discuss your options and provide you with an expert service.

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