Our Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair Process

How we repair your alloy wheel to showroom standard in less than an hour

the Smart Rimz process

This short video briefly shows our alloy wheel repair process, showcasing the convenience of using Smart Rimz for your next repair.


Removing the damaged wheel

One of our skilled technicians safely lifts the vehicle using heavy duty car jacks and stands. The wheel is then removed and taken into our mobile repair unit.


The alloy wheel damage is inspected and the inside of the wheel cleaned. The technician can then safely remove the air from your tyre and push the tyre back from its rim to allow access to damaged areas.

Diamond cut alloys

Diamond alloys are placed into our state of the art CNC alloy wheel lathe and inspected for buckles. The wheel is then probed and measured and, once the lathe has been programmed, the wheel can be machined to remove wheel damage and any surface defects form the diamond cut face.

Silver or coloured alloy

The alloy wheel is gently re-profiled using various techniques to remove kerbing or scrapes and give the wheel a smooth un damaged based ready for the next stage

Ready for coatings

The alloy wheel is cleaned and the original finish is keyed ready for the new paint to be applied. Diamond alloys are coated 2-3 times using a specially designed direct adhesion lacquer, giving your wheel with a deep shine and highly polished aluminium finish.
Silver or coloured finishes, such as black, have 3 separate coating applied. The first is an undercoat (primer coat) followed by the colour coat and Finally, the lacquer coat is applied to protect the finish and give your wheel its new shine.

Curing Process

Your wheel is cured using a high intensity infrared lamp. Mounted directly above the wheel for 15-20 minutes, depending on the air temperature on the day, ensuring an even curing process.

Re-inflation and refitting

Once the alloy has cooled, the tyre is re-inflated and mounted on the rim. One of our expert technicians will carefully refit the wheel to your vehicle and lower it back onto the ground.

Your alloy wheel repair is now complete!

Our swift, expert, convenient repairs ensure quality results and showroom shine.