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Alloy Wheel Repair



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Welcome to our mobile alloy wheel repair service website

Smart Rimz is Oxfordshires’ leading mobile alloy wheel repair specialist. With bespoke mobile workshops fully equipped with Smart® Spray technology and experienced technicians we are able to offer you a professional, competitive and hassle-free service at your chosen location whether that’s at home or at work. We work around you.

Repairing over 5,000 wheels a year on family cars, sports cars and sales vehicles,Combined with more than 22 years of experience we offer you a truly professional service.





Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair

Our mobile alloy wheel repair service is designed to work around you, we can visit you, at home or work at your convenience. The mobile workshops are fitted with Smart® Spray Technology, this method ensures that you receive the highest quality refurbishment on your alloys.
We understand that you want your vehicle looking in perfect condition and our experts pride themselves on attention to detail. Once the process is complete, every repair is carefully inspected and given up to 12 months warranty.

Alloy Wheel colour changes

Alongside alloy wheel repairs we also offer alloy wheel colour changes. This is a unique and cost-effective way to modify your vehicles appearance.

Smart Technology

We use the latest Smart® technology to give you the very best repair at your convenience



Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair Process

1. Your damaged wheels are removed from the vehicle in order for the tyre beads to be pushed back away from the wheel face. This allows us to securely protect the tyre and gives access to work on the full wheel rim.

2. The damaged areas are then repaired using various refurbishment techniques and the wheels are then prepared for new paint coatings.

3. The paint process begins with the primer coat to protect and seal the aluminium surface from corrosion. The wheel is then baked using infrared light technology ready for the colour coat. Colour coat is then applied to match the manufacturers’ colour or customers’ choice.

4. Once the wheel has been fully coloured and inspected the wheel is baked again ready for the final protective clear coatings and further baking, providing a high quality and durable finish.

5. After the final quality inspection, tyres are reflated and seated. The wheel is then carefully refitted to the vehicle and the technician will carry out final safety checks and tighten wheels to the correct torque settings.

Your alloy wheel repair is now complete.

The process usually takes 60 minutes per wheel but this can vary depending on design and style desired.

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